Who We Are

Food4WH is a grassroots community organization with the goal to help the West Hartford Food Pantry maintain a well-stocked facility for individuals and families. We will assist streets and neighborhoods with setting up easy collection systems to provide non-perishable foods and toiletries to the West Hartford Food Pantry.

The idea is simple — individual streets or neighborhoods conduct regular food drives to support the food pantry.

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DonationsThe West Hartford Food Pantry is pleased to accept your donations.    Bring your items to Town Hall, 50 South Main Street, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107. Donations are accepted anytime Town Hall is open (8:30 am – 4:30 pm or in the evenings when there are meetings or other scheduled events).
» Please read our full list of guidelines.

Street Contacts

Street Directory
Following are our active street contacts. You can also use our contact form for general inquiries.

  • Arlington Road Cares: Linda Sacco (Lscacco849@aol.com)
  • Arnodale Delivers: Ronda Guberman (rfguberman@yahoo.com)
  • Bishop Baggers: Rose Kitz (2020rosek161@student.whps.org)
    We typically do the first weekend/week of every month, although sometimes we do a different weekend/week based on holidays and school vacations.
  • Cobbs Cupboard: Rosemary DaCunha (radacunha@gmail.com)
    (includes Cobbs Road plus houses on Fern Street between Walden/Hilltop (east) to end of Fernridge Park (west).
    Delivers monthly.
  • Forest and Plymouth Pantry Friends: Nancy Porter (nfaporter@yahoo.com)
    Collects on Sunday and Monday for a Tuesday delivery.
  • Griswald Grocers: Stuart Brown (stuart@food4wh.org)
    Weekly collection and delivery on Friday.
  • Porter Pantry: Stacey Mayer (samayer3@yahoo.com)
  • Westfield/”Ware”house group covering Westfield Rd. and Ware Avenue: Denise Sanady (ddsanady@hotmail.com)
    Delivery after the last weekend of the month.

Our History

In October 2009 Stuart Brown organized his street, Griswold Drive, to begin regular food collections for the West Hartford Food Pantry.

By the summer of 2010 several other streets had joined the movement. In January 2011, looking to expand the concept of community involvement to other streets and neighborhoods representatives from participating streets formed “Food for West Hartford.”

In April 2011 the website, Food4WH.org, was launched to further the goals of community involvement, to help West Hartford families in need, and to introduce the concept of community service to our children.